McKinstry Innovation Center

Clean Tech:

Fueling America's green economy

Competition and innovation drive sustainable prosperity. And our nation will emerge stronger, with brighter economic prospects if we concentrate on accelerating clean energy technologies. The Center has number of companies working to repower America's economy with clean energy supply options like highly efficient combined heat and power, as well as such renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro power.

Clean Tech Innovators

Clean Tech is one of the most promising segments of our economy. Check out the Center innovators who are driving this dynamic sector.


A research, development and outreach partnership addressing complex building issues.


A technology and big data-driven retailer.

radiance energy

Innovative provider of “smart” LED lighting systems.


Breakthrough technology that recovers valuable products and energy from scrap tire rubber.

TreeFree Biomass Solutions

Enables manufacture of paper and bio-energy products without destroying a single tree.