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James Kashork

"We connect our clients to the tools that help them maintain vital relationships with their clients. You could say that we specialize in customer service as much as we do in QR codes and mobile optimized websites."

- James Kashork, CEO

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ConneQtive was founded in 2011 with the simple goal of using mobile technology to help people make connections.

Working with small to medium sized businesses, non-profits and individuals, ConneQtive brings its experience in application development, content for mobile platforms, scanning and bar-code technology to identify and implement creative solutions that meet client needs.

This is an exciting time, when the tools we use to work with and connect to one another are changing rapidly; making mobility and accessibility more critical than ever. Whether ConneQtive is developing smartphone applications, optimizing web content for smaller screens or creating custom 2D barcodes, its goal is to allow clients to better connect with their customers, users and friends.

In 2012, ConneQtive launched, a software-as-a-service platform that allows users to attach their photos, videos and text to just about anything. Redsill enables you to:

  • Record a video message from your smartphone and send it along with your flowers.
  • "Attach" your vacation photos and videos to a postcard to share with family and friends.
  • Record a video from your smartphone and send it along with your gifts!

The possibilities are endless.

Currently, ConneQtive is working with florists, floral and stationery distributors and through a variety of other channels to grow Redsill. Individuals can sign up and use Redsill to attach their mobile photos and videos in any creative ways they can imagine.