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Steven Tabacek
Co-founder and CEO

"Organizations face great pressure to do more with less, including information security and operational risk management. Consequently, risk issue prioritization is critical to organization success."

- Steven Tabacek, Co-founder and CEO

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CXOWARE is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company leading an evolutionary advancement in quantitative information security and operational risk management for large corporate environments. CXOWARE software is based on a proprietary methodology for quantifying risk called Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR). CXOWARE took its patent-pending FAIR methodology and monetized it into an analytical software application called FAIRiq. It then combined FAIRiq with the power of risk knowledge databases to provide Chief Information Security Officers (CISO's) with a decision-analysis application that dramatically improves their ability to measure economic loss associated with information security risk. Armed with this new information, CISO's can now:

  • Analyze information security and operational risk
  • Identify highest loss exposure areas
  • Monitor and track risk landscape over time
  • Optionally collaborate threat and loss magnitude experience with peers in your industry

Each year, companies lose billions to Cybercrime. The cost of Cybercrime is now more than the value of all global drug trafficking. With FAIRiq, businesses finally have a quantitative view of their risk landscape that allows them to make better decisions to manage risk and reduce loss exposure.