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Todd Beyreuther

"There is an increasing awareness that methods of design thinking or systems thinking can address complexity in our built environment. E2i is at the nexus of both."

- Todd Beyreuther, P.E.
Institute for Sustainable Design, Washington State University

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The Energy + Ecology Innovation (E2i) Lab is a design research partnership to advance strategies and technologies for integrated energy, water, and food systems in the built environment. This partnership was formed in 2012 between the Institute for Sustainable Design at Washington State University (WSU) and McKinstry, and to leverage the expertise of the founding organizations and other partners to propose transdisciplinary solutions at building, site, and district scales.

E2i proposes and leads built environment applied research projects in the Spokane University District Smart City Accelerator. Core research areas include:

  • Building reuse: Integrating seismic and energy retrofits to post-industrial structures
  • Site reuse: Envisioning productive energy and food landscapes on post-industrial brownfields
  • Decentralized infrastructure: Designing and prototyping networked building and site components
  • Stakeholder engagement: Developing comprehensive literacy of integrated energy, water, and food systems with citizens, higher education, and the workforce