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E3 Washington

Chris Gregoire
Honorary Co-Chair

"By linking education, the environment and the economy, [we] encourage sustainable communities, which will enhance Washington's quality of life and our reputation in the global economy."

- Chris Gregoire,
Honorary Co-Chair

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In 2006, more than 5,000 Washington residents—as diverse as the state's landscapes—came together to create a common vision for a healthy, prosperous future in 2025 and beyond. The result was E3 Washington, a nonprofit organization that integrates education, environment and economy to build sustainable communities throughout the state of Washington. The organization's mission is to inspire lifelong learning, in and out of the classroom, that provides students with the academic foundation and skills to support prosperous economies and encourage the wise use of natural resources.

The five goals of the E3 comprehensive are:

  • Get together: link schools, campuses and community resources for student achievement
  • Lead Green: turn schools, campuses, business and public places into models for sustainability
  • Go out: help everyone explore and discover their place within the natural social communities
  • Build support: garner funds to provide equitable, adequate coverage and meaningful impact of education for sustainable communities
  • Connect up: use networking and technology to create inclusive leadership and diverse partnerships to achieve education for sustainable communities

Washington E3 hopes to foster a system of lifelong learning that extends outside of the classroom to the whole person, providing individuals with the necessary academic foundation to thrive within their communities, make meaningful contributions and support prosperous economies through respect for the environment.