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Everest Sciences

"Our engineered hybrid systems are factory pre-packaged and fully integrated, ready for operation upon arrival at the job site. All cooling components are included—and specifically designed to work together to maximize turbine output performance while minimizing parasitic power consumption."

- Dave Voeller, CEO

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Founded in 2008, Everest Sciences advances the gas turbine industry with its proprietary integrated, packaged systems. The systems combine inlet filtration and inlet cooling designed to provide cooler, denser air with lower parasitics that maximize gas turbine output while increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. Everest Sciences' Chief Engineer holds some of the earliest patents in the field and pioneered the commercial development of Indirect Evaporative Cooling. The company's first large-scale installations were done in 2010.

Everest Sciences offers a number of turbine generator inlet cooling products for a wide range of gas turbines:

  • Eco cool: Provides inlet air to the gas turbine several degrees cooler than conventional evaporative methods.
  • Ecochill: Provides inlet air to the gas turbine at temperatures as low as 45°F over a wide range of ambient conditions.
  • Hydro-flexcool: Inlet cooling systems specifically designed for installation locations with poor quality water.

The company also pioneered the Everest Cycle™ form of turbine inlet cooling used to attain higher density by reducing inlet air temperature. This allows gas turbines to achieve mass flow rates, increasing efficiency and power output and lowering CO2 emissions.