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General Biodiesel

Yale Wong

"What distinguishes my company from other biodiesel producers is that we take waste that would have otherwise gone down the drain or into animal feed, and turn it into positive energy."

- Yale Wong, CEO

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General Biodiesel is the winner of Seattle Business Magazine's 2010 Green Washington REUSE Award and Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition: Alternative Fuels Sustainable Achievement Award. Founded in 2006, the company turns recycled cooking oil and other sustainable feedstocks into environmentally friendly Carbon B100 fuel. By recycling used cooking oil, producing biodiesel locally and selling to local fleets, General Biodiesel sources its feedstocks more sustainably compared to the thousands of miles most petroleum travels.

General Biodiesel has certified GreenPartners who make a commitment to a more sustainable community by contributing cooking oil to the company. The GreenPartners Program consists of:

  • Reliable, consistent collection routes
  • Collection container(s) provided at no cost
  • A certificate and sticker to display to your customers
  • Quantified annual carbon reduction specific to your location

Recently released Renewable Fuel Standard guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency showed that biodiesel from refined recycled cooking oil is one of the lowest carbon fuels available. General Biodiesel recycled content exceeds American Society for Testing quality standards.