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Burt Hamner

"Hydrovolts' mission is to create a new distributed renewable energy sector of micro-hydropower from artificial water systems."

- Burt Hamner, Founder

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Hydrovolts is the award-winning inventor of the patented, in-stream hydrokinetic turbine that generates consistent renewable electricity from water. The Seattle-based company, founded by Burton Hamner, develops small hydropower turbines with its patented flipwing technology that generate renewable energy from small streams and canals. These turbines offer an economical and easy way to generate reliable, local clean power in millions of locations around the world.

Here's how the flipwing technology works:

  • Flowing water pushes each blade from the front of the turbine to the back.
  • The "paddles" flip open on their way back around; this reduces drag and increases power-harnessing ability.

Hydrovolts' new hydropower technology taps an abundant yet overlooked global source of renewable energy from water currents in canals and channels. Hydrovolts' technology offers reliability, predictability, cost-efficiency and control unmatched by other renewable energy sources.