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Peter Rinearson

"Some social media content is worth keeping and even celebrating, while other content is ephemeral, intended to be lost. Intersect helps people keep what matters."

- Peter Rinearson, Founder

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Founded in December of 2010, is a social media space that enables users to create location-based timelines of their history, with the possibility of discovering connections with others at the intersections of time and place.

Intersect can be used to:

  • Import content from other social media sites
  • Pinpoint exact time and place of an event
  • Create specific audiences with whom to share content
  • Borrow stories from other users

Intersect is a user-friendly tool that enables visitors to put their stories in context by timeline as well as location. When enough content is amassed, users often discover others who experienced the same event or who were at the same place during the same time.