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Bill Rodman
Founder and President

"Composites are lighter and stronger than metals, and can be used in automotive, aerospace and other industries. Correspondingly, composites are "green" and very important to our future world because anything that weighs half as much will consume half as much energy throughout its life."

- Bill Rodman, Founder and President

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JIT-inVision provides technology that enables the fabrication of complex, previously impossible to make composite structural components using innovative, yet simple tooling and process methods. JIT-inVision's technology enables the fabrication of parts that are up to 45% lighter, 20% cheaper, and stronger in comparison to parts built by other technologies, including traditional manufacturing processes.

JIT-inVision's approach starts with close collaboration with its customers during the design phase to provide engineering services and prototypes. If its customers prefer a turn-key solution, JIT-inVision will set up, manage and supply highly defined components. For customers who wish to design and produce their own components, inVision can assist them with adopting the technology to their business needs. This approach allows customers to:

  • Retain their supply chain
  • Maximize use of resources
  • Adopt light weight product solutions

JIT-inVision's unique product solution significantly reduces costs, simplifies the supply chain, is faster to market, lighter weight and reduces the need for assembly, fasteners and complex bonding.