McKinstry Innovation Center

Life Sciences:

Technologies to improve
health and well-being

Imagine a world where every human being has equal access to basic healthcare and the latest advancements in medical technologies to cure disease. With a rapidly aging population in the west—and burgeoning populations in the rest of the world—working toward such a world has never been more important. Innovators in Life Sciences share a commitment to creating new biomedical technologies geared toward improving global health and well-being.

Life Science Innovators

Scientific inquiry and the advances that emerge from those investigations have enabled man to triumph over devastating disease and extend the human life cycle. McKinstry is dedicated to improving the health of our communities and looks forward to partnering with innovators who are working toward a healthier existence for us all.

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

Restoring the environmental health of Washington's Duwamish River.


Developing and implementing product-oriented solutions that enable sustainable agriculture organizations, projects, and people to thrive.

Paw Print Genetics

Genetic diagnostic testing to improve the health and longevity of man's best friend.