McKinstry Innovation Center

Innovating in Education:

New Venture Lab

Josh Schact, Megan Selden and Kevin Olivier
Program Managers

"NVL is a great way for students to gain experiential learning and for the entrepreneurs of McKinstry to take advantage of the fresh perspective of young minds."

- Josh Schact, Megan Selden and Kevin Olivier,
Program Managers

The Gonzaga New Venture Lab (NVL) is a student-run organization from Gonzaga University that works with local entrepreneurs in the Spokane area. The students work on short term projects that provide them with real world experience by working with start up companies, who in turn get access to a group of hard working students. NVL is grateful to have been given a spot at McKinstry for the past 2 years in order to work with the current McKinstry companies in a mutually beneficial relationship.

New Venture Lab's mission is to educate students through the application of class knowledge and provide value to the Spokane entrepreneurs.