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Thomas Redd

"Reklaim is a next-generation technology company that is transforming the way the world manages scrap tires and launching a new sector in the Green economy."

- Thomas Redd, President

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Each year, 45 million of the nation's scrap tires are dumped into landfills where they pose numerous potential environmental and public health risks. Reklaim's breakthrough recycling process converts crumb rubber from scrap tires into commercially viable products: high-quality, valuable carbon black and energy products that generate attractive economic returns and provide a beneficial new use for scrap tires.

The Reklaim technology produces three important products from scrap tire rubber:

  • Carbon Black: Carbon black recovered during the process can be used in the manufacturing of inks, paint, dye, plastics and rubber products.
  • Electricity: We generate power, which through agreements with local utility companies can be sold back to the grid.
  • Oil: Oil recovered from our process is similar in properties to diesel fuel. It is marketed into the waste oil stream and is typically used as fuel for industrial boilers.

Reklaim facilities can be built to accommodate and process a wide range of supply quantities, but are designed to handle the equivalent of approximately 1.6 million tires per year, most of which are passenger tires sourced from businesses that mechanically reduce scrap tires into shreds and then crumb rubber.