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Sustainable Media Group

Hal Calbom

"People are clamoring for proof of concept demonstrating the value of sustainability and environmental stewardship in business. Our programs and real-world examples are making that case."

- Hal Calbom,

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Sustainable Media Group (SMG) is a joint venture helping individuals and businesses develop best-in-class sustainable skills and business practices. Through educational resources, marketing communications and web-based resources, SMG shares best practices on marketing sustainable solutions. SMG focuses on workforce development, innovative learning and manufacturing applications, and web-based performance support, directed at two sets of customers:

  • Organizations looking to incorporate energy efficiency, lean manufacturing, environmental stewardship, and sustainability into their own best practices.

SMG is already contributing to the dialogue over business sustainability in the Pacific Northwest with three media programs produced over the last twelve months:

  • Solutions Stories, highlighting eco-entrepreneurs finding sustainable business models.
  • Export Success, produced in conjunction with the Washington Department of Commerce, highlights Washington products that are dependent on international markets.
  • Sustainable Skills, demonstrating the green collar job market and the skills of the 21st century worker and supports workforce development to prepare workers entering the workforce.

SMG principals have extensive experience developing best workplace practices and creating new enterprises in manufacturing, publishing and media.