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Teachers United

Chris Eide
Executive Director

"We believe that informed and empowered teachers can play a transformational role, providing a superior education for all students."

- Chris Eide,
Co-founder and executive director

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Co-founded in 2011 by four classroom teachers from Seattle and Tacoma, Teachers United (TU) is a growing movement of teachers within the state of Washington dedicated to the vision of 100% of our students graduating high school prepared for college or their career.

Teachers United is committed to demonstrating what is possible within the state by creating a powerful education system that not only graduates all of its students prepared for college or a career, but also inspires teachers to excel in their craft and take leadership roles beyond their classroom.

To date, TU has met with more than 300 teachers throughout the state, supporting educators to become union building reps, serve on boards of local organizations and become policy team members within TU. They have brought teachers together with key decision-makers to influence public policy and drive legislative efforts intended to benefit students.

Teachers United believes:

All students should be in great schools. Informed teachers play a critical role in building a system that supports them. All teachers should be empowered to advocate for students. The level of instruction in classrooms should be excellent.