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The Parents Union

Scott Oki
Founder & Chairman

"A large, united, statewide organization of parents can provide the much needed and pervasive will to cause any number of positive changes to take place in our education system... from the schoolhouse to the statehouse. Parents are the missing ingredient. We are the key to real change for all kids."

- Scott Oki,
Founder & Chairman

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The Parents Union is a nonprofit, membership-based organization that unites and empowers parents and families in Washington state to become advocates for their children's learning. Founded in 2011 by former Microsoft executive and philanthropist, Scott Oki, The Parents Union promotes education reform at the state level, works to improve the educational system at the school district level and empowers parents to make changes at the school, classroom and individual student level. The Parents Union believes that high parental involvement in student learning achieves the following outcomes:n the state of Washington dedicated to the vision of 100% of our students graduating high school prepared for college or their career.

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better attendance and more completed homework
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Greater enrollment in post-secondary education
  • Less likelihood of going on welfare or going to jail

The goal of The Parents Union is to help every parent help their child succeed in school as part of a statewide movement to insure that all children succeed in school. The organization provides workshops, tools and resources to parents and caregivers to help then become real partners in their children's education. Resources include "Raising Winning Students," a 21st century field guide to parenting featuring over 300 pages by local and national experts sharing cutting edge information and action steps on everything from nutrition to navigating the school system, to organizing communities for change.