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TreeFree Biomass Solutions

"We provide biomass solutions for businesses that need sustainable, economic and environmentally-friendly feedstock. That's our market advantage, and we do it all without destroying one single tree."

- Eulysses Lewis, President

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TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. holds the exclusive patent for Nile Fiber™, a domesticated and greatly improved genus of Arundo Donax, a tall perennial cane plant native to eastern and southern Asia. The company holds exclusive international patents for planting, growing, harvesting and refining the plant which is used to manufacture paper, pulp and bio-energy products—all without destroying a single tree.

Nile Fiber™ is a highly productive and low-impact energy biomass crop that grows in different soil types and climatic conditions, making it an ideal source of renewable biofuels with numerous applications:

  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemical extraction
  • Building materials
  • Bio-fuels/Bioenergy
  • Health care: patent-pending refining process allows for distillation of Nile Fiber™ chemical by-product into high quality natural Xylitol—so healthful it's approved for diabetic diets.
  • Forage: The TreeFree patented growing processes supply the cornerstone to bountiful forage/fodder crops to provide abundant low-cost healthy diets for livestock.
  • Phytoremediation: Wherever Nile Fiber™ and its unique ability to absorb, degrade or eliminate pollutants in soils, water and air reduces atmospheric warming and pollution.

In 1999, TreeFree commissioned scientific research at a number of universities to verify and patent its standards for using Nile Fiber™. Utilizing TreeFree technology, per-acre net biomass production of Nile Fiber™ is more than 15 times that of trees. In addition, it grows up to 30 feet high in under a year, never needs replanting and grows indefinitely, enabling a new harvest every 9–12 months.