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Washington STEM

Patrick D'Amelio

"Our goal is to prepare and inspire all young people in STEM so that Washington has successful students, thriving communities, and a vibrant economy."

- Patrick D'Amelio, CEO

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Washington STEM is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Launched in March 2011, Washington STEM invests in and lifts up breakthrough ideas and promising practices that bridge education and our economy through opportunities in STEM. Together with educators, businesses and communities, Washington STEM is reimagining STEM education in Washington, improving opportunities for students most under-served and underrepresented in STEM fields. Washington STEM will be successful when all students in Washington are STEM literage, prepared for and succeed in post-secondary STEM pathways, and obtain family wage-earning jobs, particularly in STEM fields.

Washington STEM believes that by accelerating student success, we will ensure that all Washington youth—regardless of race, ethnicity, income or gender—have a brighter future, strengthening the vitality and prosperity of our communities and our state.

Washington STEM has four strategies that work in concert to accelerate change and generate results:

  • Invest: investing to drive an innovation pipeline that dramatically improves student and teacher outcomes
  • Generate: lifting up and sharing with others breakthrough ideas and promising practices to accelerate student success
  • Engage: growing awareness and building political will from the grassroots to the grasstops for equity, excellence and innovation
  • Advocate: advocating to spread and sustain effective policies and practices

Washington STEM is connected to a national network of organizations advancing STEM education at the state and national level, including STEMConnector, Educate to Innovate, and a growing multistate STEM network. Since its launch, Washington STEM has committed more than $3 million reaching more than 500 teachers and 16,000 students across Washington state.